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Pole Radio Mount - Shroudless

All of the Qube Solution products can be mounted on poles (metal, wood, fiberglass, or pre-composite), or break-away posts.
All Qubes are available in industry standard colors including:

Black Green


Traffic Black


Nut Brown


Agate Grey

**Please note that, due to variations amongst computer monitors and digital screens, actual colors may vary slightly than what appears above.**

Custom paint designs are available to match location specifications or landscape aesthetics. All shrouds come standard with mounting plates designed for Qube poles; attachment feet for poles (made by others) are available.

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qube c-channel for open air rru attachment
(not available in certain jurisdictions)

equipment mounting brackets for open qube


rru bracket for e/// 2212


rru bracket for e/// 4449 or 8843


rru bracket for e/// 2203


rru bracket for e/// 2203


rru adapter plate for alcatel lucent 4x45 b66 rrh


rru bracket for use in open qube only

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