QUBE 1001-21 open and closed
QUBE 1010 open and closed
QUBE 2016 bracket
QUBE 4000 mother top accessory
Qube 4024 weeping willow


QUBE smart city

New RAN architectures like Densification, C-RAN, Small Cell and 5G are bringing the cellular network closer to the end user. With the use of these low powered radio access nodes, the need for aesthetic yet functional housing are paramount.

 This product line was designed to meet the real world demands of expansion and growth across both additional technologies and carriers in one convenient platform. The Qube.

QUBE Products Are
Flexible - Scalable
Expandable - Upgradeable
Pre-Configurable - Durable

Popular Products

QUBE 1001-21 open

Pole Mount Radio Shroud

21.3 Cubic Feet
60" x 28.64" x 21.71"
Part No: 1001-21

QUBE 1010 open

Pole Mount Power Enclosure

Meter can and disconnect
Part No: 1010

QUBE 2016 Bracket

Universal Multiplexer Bracket

Part No: 2016

QUBE 4024 weeping willow

Weeping Willow

Wood or metal pole bracket
3 5G panels, 3 E///22XX,
and 1" x 14
Part No: 4024

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